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July 12, 2008 at 12:43 pm 1 comment

I was out with friends last night for an MNO (Mom’s Night Out) and we ended up talking about email and how much it overwhelmed us at times. I told them that although I was technically on vacation this week I still checked my email once or twice day and, except for one friend, they all thought I was nuts.

One of my friends, who is senior management at a large insurance company, shared that she checked work email daily and at home in the evenings no matter what — vacations or sickness, etc. The others are all mothers who work outside the home (just like me) but they indicated that they leave work email at work and never check from home — they are two teachers, a nurse, therapist, and a manager in a small company.

So here it is Saturday and I just logged in to check my work email and while I was reading my messages I started to wonder, how many other librarians and library workers check their email from home and when?

I used Doodle, one of my favorite “fantastic freebies“, to create a quick poll that will give us a quick snapshot type answer to the questions “Do You Check Email From Home?”. Just go to this doodle poll and check off all that apply. You can check more than one answer and you can be anonymous if you want. Also, you can leave comments and further explain your email habits. I will leave the poll up for a week or so and then summarize on the blog later this month.


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  • 1. Cynthia  |  July 14, 2008 at 8:58 am

    Several articles lately have talked about ‘getting out from under e-mail’ and how it is just too much for many folks now. For me, e-mail is not that big a problem–I am pretty good at the ‘touch everything once’ concept when it comes to e-mail. Plus since leaving corporate land, I get only about half the e-mails I used to get related to work (and none from the work friends as I used to–years in vs. months I suppose).

    Anyway, I do not check my work mail when not at work any longer. I did–I think it is a good, efficient way to relieve stress (yes, relieve it–reality is never as bad as what you think is out there). However, my work no longer requires immediate attention–I just don’t have enough power or influence for it to matter. Plus, I have unplugged on weekends now–this is because I waste far too much time on-line. It is time to invest in my real life more than my virtual one.

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