CIL 2007 LInk Dump

April 17, 2007 at 9:11 pm

Computers in Libraries is as awesome as always this year. Record attendance means standing room only at lot of sessions, hence my lack of live blogging (not to mention the rather sporadic wireless connection in certain rooms). Also, since I am giving 2 cybertours and a presentation, I need some down time.

Nonetheless, over the last few days I have jotted down lots of little scribbled notes, and as I look them over they are mostly the names of sites, apps and gadgets to play with later. Many of the sites I have heard about before and haven’t yet had time to explore, but there are also many that are new to me. I am posting all the links to everything (with my commentary). This is the list of what I plan to investigate more fully upon my return to reality and I need them here so that I don’t forget — and so that you can explore too.

In no particular order and from the multiple presentations over the last few days I now present “CIL 2007 Links Dump”:

Open Clip Art Library (one can never have too many options for finding public domain clip art)

Joomla! (Content Management)

MyBlogLog (get detailed stats about your blog)

Free Digital Photos (might be a good example for the Fantastic Freebies repertoire)

Podcast Pickle (too much fun to say … thanks Davc!)

Slideshare ( a trainer’s delight) and Picnik (these will be the basis for a new class at PPL)
(a little spooky in the level of detail, but oh so cool)

(Open Source Federated Searching — see it in action at SFU)

tumblr (John LeMasney gave a demo at my last Tech Talk… gotta take a serious look)

(I always want to stay current… this looks promising)

Podzinger (several mentions, worth investigating)

(been on my radar for a long time, must play with it soon)

Okay… I have more, but I need to get some sleep as I am doing a cybertour tomorrow morning and presenting in the afternoon. I will edit this post with more links later.


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C U @ CIL07 Cool Collaboration Concepts–PBwiki & YackPack, and a Tumblr Example

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