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September 1, 2006 at 1:27 pm 1 comment

So it seems that the Library Garden is celebrating Blog Day a day late — but I really feel the need to give back some link love especially since we got a few mentions yesterday in the biblioblogosphere on the real Blog Day.

I read Pete’s post while it was still in draft mode and feel like I should just post a big Yeah That! to the blogs Pete recommends. But that would be taking the easy way out, so instead I will discuss (in no particular order) 5 entirely different blogs that I read regularly:

  • The “M” Worda blog designed to bring the wonderful world of marketing to librarians. Nancy Dowd works for the NJ State Library as a marketing specialist and as she states in her profile, she is dedicated to showing how anyone can market their library- even with a small budget and staff. 🙂 Nancy’s enthusiam and energy shine through in her posts and she has lots of great tips and advice for everyone who wants to market themselves and their libraries better.
  • Something New Every Day I stumbled upon this blog quite recently via a Technorati search and was really drawn in to several of the posts [especially the one on Karen Hyman’s Rule of 1965]. I have had it in my feed for the last few weeks and am enjoying the thoughts and observations of this blogger from Wisconsin. [note: I am not giving link love here simply because SNED listed us in their Blog Day post, I really and truly would have mentioned them since they are the most recently added blog to my feed and since I am liking what I am reading.]
  • Also new to my aggregrator is John Klima’s newest blog Library Angst. John worked for me as an tech assistant and library intern while he was completing his MLIS at Rutgers. His first professinal position is a combination of teen librarian and system librarian. His posts on his first attempt at running a summer reading club for teens have been inspiring — he has really given it his all, come up with creative activities and had a good sense of humor about the whole experience. Way to go John.
  • The Liminal Librarian: Rachel’s blog began around the same time we started Library Garden and I have been following her posts since Day 1. She “speaks” to me on several levels. I also like how she is not afraid to tackle issues and how she is honest about the struggle to find a balance between career and family. I hope I get to meet Rachel at CIL this year since she was unable to make the Blogger’s Bash in New Orleans.
  • My list would not be complete without giving kudos to Pop Goes the Library. I love my pop culture (especially celebrity magazines) and I love how this group blog combines pop culture seamlessly with librarianship. PGTL is not new, but it is certainly too good not to mention.

If I am having a busy day and don’t have time to read all my feeds then I simply check TTW and FRL — they are my two “must reads”. I consider Michael to be a human aggregator who invariably directs me to what I would be interested in reading that day in any event and I love to check up on Karen daily as I never know what I will find (everything from recipes to rants to reviews and beyond).

It was hard sticking to 5 (and I really didn’t since I stuck in 2 extras in that last paragraph). I think, however, I will play by the rules and stick to 5 for my first Blog Day post.


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  • 1. The Editor  |  September 6, 2006 at 1:27 pm

    Yay me!

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