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The New WebJunction is here!

My new profile on WJ is set up and ready to go and I am stoked! A huge congratulations to the entire team at WebJunction for all their hard work in creating a dynamic and interactive site for library workers to gather online (I know some of the key players, but I am sure there are many more behind the scenes that I have yet to meet). I spent a few hours last night “playing” around with the new interface and gathering some friends and I am impressed.

I have been a member, moderator and advocate for WebJunction since I first met Chrystie Hill at the OCLC booth during ALA Annual in Toronto way back in June 20003. Chrystie’s enthusiasm was so infectious that I signed up on WJ my first day back at work and have not looked back since. In addition to moderating, I have assisted with various projects over the years and as a result have found advice, ideas, support, and friendship — all the things that keep one coming back to an online community.

I have been anticipating the release of the new WJ for many months now. I talked to Michael Porter during PLA last March and when he told me of some of the plans (at least that which he could reveal) I knew immediately that it was going to great — and it is.

One of the features I am liking best at the moment is the ability to create your own group and I have already set up a group called Public Library Programming for Adults. I am currently the only member, but membership is open to all who are currently providing programming or thinking about it in the future.

I have found navigating the new site to be easy, my only minor complaint is that it seems to be a bit slow in loading new pages. If you want an overview and some advice on how to get going there is an online training video to help you out. I already feel like I have found a new online home and I look forward to seeing soon you on WJ!

August 4, 2008 at 8:42 am 5 comments

WJ’s Technology Competencies for Public Access Computing

WebJunction recently published a very thorough and detailed set of technology competencies that will be useful to libraries of all types and sizes. I have been meaning to post about this for a few weeks, but conferences and a bit of vacation time got in the way.

This is a project that I and several others have been working on with WebJunction for a few years and it is so wonderful to see it finally published and available for free download!

Congratulations to Betha Gutsche for her ability to see this project through to completion after many changes, debates, iterations and struggles. The final layout is extremely easy to read and hopefully this document will be the jumping point for many libraries to start assessing the skill levels of the staff who work with the public and need to assist patrons with computers (which should be just about everybody who works at a public desk).

On a side note, my involvement on this project was also my introduction to using a wiki for a collaborative project. The work of the original “MPAC Technology Competencies Expert Group” was done primarily through a wiki that was hosted at WebJunction. We had occasional conference calls, but most of the editing of the first drafts of this was done via the wiki and also on a discussion forum.

As I was writing this post I got curious as I was unsure about how long this project has been brewing at WJ , so I just double-checked our super-secret forum for this project and it was November 2005 that we began the discussions… wow, nearly 18 months in the making, but oh so worth the wait! Download the complete Technology Competencies for Public Access Computing in PDF and start assessing!

Speaking of technology competencies, I am still patiently awaiting the arrival of Sarah Houghton-Jan’s recently published Library Technology Report, Technology Competencies and Training for Libraries — I think it will be the perfect companion to the work done by WJ.

May 1, 2007 at 7:58 pm

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